Approx Price: Rs 150 / Kilogram 
We are the leading suppliers of polyelectrolyte’s used for color removal, coagulation and Flocculation & reduction of COD & BOD. We supply High Molecular weight flocculent polymers in. Polyelectrolytes are water-soluble polymers carrying ionic charge along the polymer chain. Depending upon the charge, these polymers are anionic or cationic. Polyelectrolytes are available in a wide range of molecular weights and charge densities. Homo polymers of acryl amide are also included in the family of polyelectrolyte’s   though they do not carry any charge. These are called nonionic. Polyelectrolytes   have got a wide range of applications right from water purification, oil recovery, color removal, paper making, mineral processing, etc. Polyelectrolyte’s are both flocculants as well as deflocculates depending upon the molecular weight. A flocculent is essentially a solid liquid separating agent while a deflocculates is a dispersing agent.

  • Paper Making: Retention & Drainage
  • Sugar Manufacturing: Mud Settling
  • Thermal Power: Clarification of scrubber water
  • Mining & Metallurgy: Tailings thickening and water recovery
  • Coal: Tailings thickening and water recovery
  • Chlor-alkali: Brine clarification

Polyelectrolyte (Cationic)

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Kilogram 
Polyelectrolyte (Cationic) is mainly used in dewatering application in a sewage treatment plant in centrifue/decanter/belt filter press. We trade in BASF manufactured ZETAG range polyelectrolyte like ZETAG 8125,7563,8165 etc.

We conduct Jar Test to check which polyelectrolyte is appropriate with regard to centrate quality and less dose.

NOTE: We deals only in NORTH, EAST and West India.
We do not deal in South India

Polyelectrolyte ( Anionic)

Approx Price: Rs 165 / Kilogram 
Polyelectrolyte are used for flocculation in water after coagulation process has been completed or in process in a Water Treatment Plant or Effluent Treatment Plant. Polyelectrolyte which is Anionic in nature is mainly a POLY ACRYLAMIDE. We have ITRC approve polyelectrolyte to be used in Water treatment Plants.

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